12.08.2021 09:08:00

An embarrassing, provocative, and degrading attack was launched after a critical analysis by QALAMPIR.UZ Deputy Editor-in-Chief Feruza Najmiddinova's of the fact that restaurants in the Tashkent City area disregarded the decision of the Republican Special Commission and continued to operate after 8 pm. At first glance, the sequence of events and the opinions expressed by members of the public on social media seem to indicate that the situation was organized by one side. Our demand is that the law enforcement agencies have the last word in this regard, the perpetrators be brought to justice and their identities made public.
SDP "Adolat" strongly condemns the pressure on journalists!
As we have emphasized in our election program, we consider it an important task to further democratize the information sphere, ensure freedom of speech and information, and strengthen the social protection of media workers, especially journalists and bloggers. Indeed, transparency and openness are the most important conditions of just civil society.
SDP "Adolat" considers it its duty to protect the media, dedicated and fair journalists, bloggers from any pressure, and will make practical efforts in this regard within the law.
Remember, in the renewed Uzbekistan, in the New Uzbekistan, the flag of JUSTICE (i.e. Adolat) always flies proudly!
Remember, SDP "Adolat" is always ready to protect every citizen who fights against INJUSTICE!

Adolat SDP Political Council

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