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24.05.2021 17:05:16

When a person builds his life and plans for the future, he never thinks that he can get sick.

Detection of this or that disease, of course, can lead to a change in the future plans and goals of any patient, and sometimes in the way of life.

Oncological diseases, or as the people say "cancer", are the result of modern civilization processes, and, to some extent, even their product. Rapid changes in the lifestyle of people today are leading to an increase in the incidence of cancer.

To date, more than 200 types of malignant tumors are known. Cancer can develop in any organ, tissue, or cell. Specialists around the world are actively studying and looking for the causes of cancer.

More than 200,000 children worldwide are diagnosed with cancer annually, and half of them die from this terrible disease. In general, the age of cancer is getting younger. Among patients, people 20-25 years old are more common, sometimes even small children.

The great polymath Abu Ali ibn Sina in his famous medical work "Canon of Medicine" ("Tib Qonunlari") writes about this disease: “Cancer is a malignant tumor that spreads like crab legs. As a crab sticks to its prey, so this tumor sticks to the human body. The tumor is also called "cancer" because of its round shape, color and peripheral veins, similar to crab legs. "

Yes, this terrible disease keeps the patient in its claws. However, medicine confirms that cancer is not always the cause of death. It can be cured.

On the contrary, there are more dangerous ailments that end in tragedy as a result of patients neglecting symptoms. For example, from heart attack and stroke, the mortality rate is higher than from cancer and other dangerous viral diseases. In general, any disease, if it develops in the shadow of indifference, poses a threat to human health and life.

No matter how frightening an oncological disease may seem, if it is detected in time, treated diligently and thoroughly, hoping for a better outcome, there is no doubt that it will disappear without a trace.

Recently, the head of our state Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the Republican Specialized Scientific and Practical Medical Center of Oncology and Radiology, where he instilled hope in the hearts of children with oncology and their parents.

Congratulating children and their parents on the holiday of Eid al-Fitr, the Head of State said:

- Do not despair, for you are not alone. You are all my children. Your smile should bring happiness to your parents. Live with the belief that you will definitely be cured. Most of all, I want you to quickly recover and return home to your family. We will support and help you. We will try to do everything necessary for this.

There is no doubt that these words of the President, full of care and love, gave hope and raised the spirits of mothers who are with them in the process of treating their children.

Naturally, parents whose child has been diagnosed with cancer fall into despair. However, for the recovery of their child, they are required to have maximum steadfastness and firmness. Because there are important tasks ahead of them: it is necessary to cure, bring the child back to life.

Fear, anxiety, and, in general, the experiences of the parents - are reflected in the child. If an adult is confident in the recovery of his child, the child will feel this emotional state and his health will gradually improve.

In this regard, the visit of President Sh.Sh. Mirziyoyev will become not only a lifelong memory for children but also great support, approval, stimulus to the confidence of parents who live with hope for the recovery of their children.

Although a sick child is in pain, he does not understand what is happening to him, he does not realize that this is a dangerous disease. This ignorance helps him to heal. This is the secret of high confidence in cure in pediatric oncology. Adults, on the other hand, exacerbate the disease by falling into fear and depression.

During a visit to the Republican Specialized Scientific and Practical Medical Center of Oncology and Radiology, the President instilled love in the hearts of children suffering from this terrible disease by saying that he will be with them shoulder to shoulder, and will help them return to a healthy life, and this instilled great faith, hope for recovery.

It is generally known that early prevention of this disease is the best treatment. In Uzbekistan, in recent years, a lot of work has been carried out to prevent this disease. In particular, not only in specialized oncological clinics, in regional medical institutions, but also in polyclinics, rural medical centers, which are the main link in medical prevention, diagnostic and informational and educational activities in the field of oncology are regularly carried out.

An important historical document was the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On measures to further develop the oncological service and improve cancer care for the population of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2017-2021."

In the decree, the main priority is to reduce the mortality rate from cancer from 38.7% to 35% per 100 thousand of the population.

The fact that the head of state personally spoke with each of the sick children, gave specific instructions to officials to create the necessary conditions for their treatment, so that they would return to full-fledged daily life as soon as possible, became exactly that inspiring factor that was absolutely necessary for them.

At a video conference on improving the system of providing cancer care at the Republican Specialized Oncological and Radiological Medical Center, the President also discussed this pressing problem with senior officials and industry representatives from all regions. He identified specific tasks to improve the oncological and hematological services, especially in the regions.

This means that treating physicians must take special care when working with cancer patients. Oncologists, more than their colleagues, need to be responsible and have a culture of communication. First of all, the doctor is obliged to explain in detail to his patient what cancer is. As you know, a person is afraid of what he does not know. Therefore, in the process of treatment, emphasis should be placed on the fact that this disease is not incurable. It is also important to reassure the patient himself and his relatives by saying that all people have cancer cells. They are in a state of hibernation, and may never manifest themselves until the end of a person's life, with the right lifestyle.

Another important news of the visit was the instruction of the President to provide each region of the country with PET-CT positron emission and computed tomography. This modern equipment provides a complete and accurate diagnosis of cancer through continuous monitoring of the patient's condition.

No matter how serious the disease is, it can be cured and overcome. Especially if there are people like family members and friends nearby who are ready to help, if the patient's recovery is a priority at the state level and if the head of state personally cares about the health of the population.



Chairman of the Political Council of Uzbekistan SDP "Adolat"

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