Happy professional holiday to those who make the world better with knowledge!

04.10.2021 10:10:09

Since the world was created, man has lived in a world of needs. One of them is the need to know, to understand, the desire to get the necessary information and response from the environment to their interests. People cannot live without it. When we look deeper, we see that the teacher is the leader in this world. From the moment we are born, we begin to live under the care and guidance of our parents. It is no coincidence that the first teacher is called a parent. Stepping into the school, we find our true teacher. In addition to illiteracy, the task of introducing a letter to a more playful child is tantamount to giving light to the blind. As the upper grades, secondary special education, and higher education system continue, not only will the eyes of enlightenment be opened, but the worldview, the sphere of thinking, will become sharper. Even when he or she graduates and starts working, he or she does not shy away from studying, taking a few lessons from his daily work. At the end of life, the school of life is clearly visible. A world full of hardships and joys, trials and blessings, he realizes that it is the best teacher, but he has not studied all its "lessons" diligently, and he feels in his heart what the "value" of the "teacher of life" is to him. It is well known that there is no limit to knowledge as the proverb states "Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave." As long as man is alive, if he walks side by side with knowledge, it is as if he has a torch that illuminates the path of life. Knowledge is the best helper in passing life's trials with a bright face, learning from mistakes, living an exemplary life.
Teaching is a profession that deals with the human mind, education, and upbringing, in the words of Abdullah Avloni, "either life or death," and we always bow to its possessors. Happy professional holiday!

Chairman of the Political Council of the Social Democratic Party "Adolat"

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