Is this the focus on education?

17.09.2021 17:09:56

The election program of the Social Democratic Party of Uzbekistan "Adolat" pays special attention to the development of education. In particular, it is important to increase the effectiveness of lessons in schools, to create the necessary conditions for students to acquire in-depth knowledge, to realize their talents. From this point of view, do the educational institutions of Yakkabag district of Kashkadarya region meet today's requirements? Recently, activists of the regional organization of the Social Democratic Party of Uzbekistan "Adolat" conducted a study on this issue.
- Every child has the right to receive education on the basis of world standards, - says the chairman of the party council of Yakkabog district council Ural Umarov - I understand this very well because I am a teacher by profession. The school should be as dear and comfortable as a home for every pupil.
However, yesterday in social networks in Yakkabag district of Kashkadarya region there were reports that schoolchildren were sitting on the floor in a room without desks and chairs. The Kashkadarya regional prosecutor's office provided official information on the case. According to him, the prosecutor's office has set up a working group consisting of experts in the field to study the cases mentioned in the video. It was noted that the working group also studied the validity of the video, which showed students sitting on the floor in the school room, and gave a legal assessment, and of course, we expect a positive response from the authorities.
After all, every family, every child's life is connected with school, and this issue should become one of the most pressing issues of the state and society.

Boynazar DOVEROV,
Activist of Yakkabog District Council of SDP "Adolat"

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