Problems were studied and resolved on the spot

05.05.2021 09:05:25

The meeting of the Legislative Deputy of the Oliy Majlis Abdugani Umirov with voters was very fruitful. Villagers addressed the deputy with a number of problems that were important to them. Most importantly, thanks to the timely measures taken by the deputy, the puzzles were solved on the spot. Parda Khusanov, a resident of Balkhiyak Farm, complained to the deputy about family problems and the need for funds for entrepreneurship. At the request of the citizen, the "Sahovat va Ko'mak (Generosity and Support)" Fund will provide financial assistance. Talking to the head of the Nuroniy association H.Makhsumov, the deputy told him that the construction of a school in a village named Khitoy was unreasonably delayed. Necessary documents on this case were studied and assigned to the head of the district construction department.


 Specialist of the Regional Council of the Social Democratic Party of Uzbekistan "Adolat"

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