Why is there no reasonable response to the rumors about the vaccine?

12.08.2021 14:08:25

For almost two years, humanity has been suffering from coronavirus' impact. It has been a year and a half since the beginning of the epidemiological situation in our country. Despite the fact that everyone was afraid of this danger, and lost his/her health and peace of mind, the weapon to prevent it - the vaccine - was not met with tolerance, frankly. This is due to rumors circulating about the vaccine. Reports from unofficial sources that the vaccine could be harmful and even fatal are, unfortunately, weighing heavier than objective information on the scales. It must be acknowledged that few people are vaccinated with confidence, deeply aware of the benefits and necessity of the vaccine. Someone is skeptical, someone is forcibly (in order to save the workplace), someone else is getting the vaccine without understanding and not even wanting to think about it.
The vaccine is being promoted by doctors and activists, and yes, that is exactly what is being propagated. The current public needs more explanatory work than propaganda. After all, an important tool for health is "I got the vaccine, and you?" such actions should be applied to their lives through a personal approach and independent decision-making, taking care of their own lives and health, rather than blindly following what propaganda says.
Recently, the number of applicants for the vaccine has increased. But this is not a product of propaganda. Perhaps the daily anti-record of patients diagnosed with coronavirus has changed people’s minds a bit. Thousands of patients per day, 7-8 deaths, changed people’s minds and directed the vaccine to the address.
However, as the situation stabilized, another problem remained: the lack of a vaccine for second-dose recipients. What do you say to that? Initially, there were reports of a shortage of the ZF-UZ-VAC vaccine, and people who applied to the clinic for a second dose returned empty-handed. The time has come for the ministry to say that people are still left with the same old question. On the contrary, the issue has been raised, and there have been reports that doses of the Moderna and Sputnik V vaccines are not ready for re-vaccination.
At a time when vaccination is being given priority at the state level, why is the issue of vaccines being looked down upon in a world where coronavirus has become a global problem? The occurrence of the second dose shortage is an indication that the work was carried out without a plan, and was not carried out on the basis of a thorough program from the beginning. Doctors confirm that with the first stage of the vaccine, a person does not develop enough antibodies. Sufficient immunity to fight the virus is formed only 14 days after taking repeated doses. This means that if there is a delay between stages, the chances of contracting the virus remain. So the urgency of a full-fledged vaccination of the population is no secret to those at the forefront of this work. We expect that soon the authorities will resolve this issue positively and establish strict control over the timely delivery of necessary vaccines to our people.
Another issue. When the invention of vaccines began, countries such as the United States, Russia, China, India, and the United Kingdom began to provide their own scientific samples. Even neighboring Kazakhstan has been able to create its own vaccine. Despite the high attention paid to the development of science in our country and the presence of potential scientists, we have not received such an initiative. The vaccine, developed jointly by China and Uzbekistan, did not change our minds. There were various rumors around it, but the officials did not deny it. If we had a local vaccine, we wouldn’t suffer from a shortage problem.

Another regret is that the population's confidence in national products is not high. Hearing the definition of "China-Uzbekistan vaccine", many of our citizens say, "No, I will be vaccinated with Moderna or Sputnik V." Of course, everyone has the freedom to choose. It is wrong to blame their decision on the accusation that "A candy is sweeter if it is imported," but this is a sign that encourages them to draw the right conclusions. If our scientists can create a quality product and prove their knowledge, people will feel thirsty for it.
In short, both the pandemic and the vaccination process have shown that there are serious problems facing science. Understanding and correcting them will undoubtedly serve the well-being of the future.

Chairman of the Political Council of the Social Democratic Party "Adolat"

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