The deputy presented a sewing machine to the girl, who is registered in the "Youth Book"

21.04.2021 11:04:36

Abdurasul Gafurov, a deputy of the Rishtan District Council of People's Deputies, has been communicating with the residents of Chek Nasriddin neighbourhood (mahalla) through the "targeted citizen system" and finding positive solutions to their problems and opportunities with the help of sponsors. During the talks, it was revealed that Umidahon Turdieva, a resident of Bobur Street, registered in the "Youth Book" of the given neighbourhood is a gifted seamstress, but can not afford a sewing machine due to lack of financial resources. The deputy presented Umidahon with a sewing machine. Thanks to our deputy, - says the young seamstress. "I'm very happy." I was unemployed with my profession in hand. Now I can easily craft. When we heard that a sewing machine had been given, orders began to arrive from women in our neighborhood. Now I am both employed and busy.

Uzbekistan SDP "Adolat" Fergana region
Council press service

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