Yazyavan's "Fair Mother-in-law" has been identified

25.04.2021 10:04:36

The winner of the contest "Fair mother-in-law" held by the Social Democratic Party of Uzbekistan "Adolat" in Yazyavan district of Fergana region has been determined. Gulnorahon Esonbaeva is a mother of 3 sons, mother-in-law of 3 daughters-in-law and beloved grandmother of 6 grandchildren. They lived in peace with their spouse for many years and brought up their children as patriotic, right-minded children. All of them have higher education and are currently working in various fields. Her daughters-in-law are also at the service of our people. Our winner worked for many years as a deputy director for academic affairs at the secondary school No. 5 in the district. She currently teaches technology at the school. Happiness of a woman is peace in the family, - says Gulnorahon Esonbaeva. "I'm always grateful." Our children are healthy and my sweet grandchildren are in front of me. My daughters-in-law are also neat, agile, polite. So it is my duty to be a fair mother-in-law.

Chairman of the District Council,
Deputy of the District Council of People's Deputies

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