Problems were studied and resolved on the spot

The meeting of the Legislative Deputy of the Oliy Majlis Abdugani Umirov with voters was very fruitful. Villagers addressed the deputy with a number of problems that were important to them. Most importantly, thanks to the timely measures taken by ...
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School canteens are under the Party's control

The election program of the Social Democratic Party of Uzbekistan "Adolat" sets specific tasks to radically improve the quality of general secondary education, as well as to protect the health of our future schoolchildren. A number of party projects ...
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Oncologists performed free surgeries on patients included in the "Iron Book" in Khanka

It is known that in order to support low-income, unemployed, socially vulnerable young people and women in our country, to save them from the problems that have plagued them for years, the President has established a "Women's Book" and "Youth Book". ...
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