Get vaccinated for the health of yourself and your loved ones

08.08.2021 09:08:19

Chairman of the Tashkent Regional Council of the Social Democratic Party "Adolat" Bobur Mamirov was vaccinated with "Moderna" vaccine.
- Dear compatriots, residents of our region, I also received the first stage of vaccination against coronavirus, - said B. Mamirov. - I think it helps a lot to prevent coronavirus.
In recent times, obeying the quarantine regulations has declined significantly, and the spread of the disease has increased again as many have become negligent. Therefore, we must continue to strictly adhere to the rules, such as vaccination, wearing a mask, the use of antiseptics, without any distraction. Then we will take care of ourselves, our family, each other.
None of us will be safe until we are all safe during a pandemic.
Today, the population of our country has been vaccinated against coronavirus free of charge. Acceptance of it should become a matter of conscience for every citizen.
Dear citizens, take part in timely vaccination activities for the health of yourself and your loved ones!

Uzbekistan SDP "Adolat"
Tashkent Regional Council
Press Service

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