The state of Kamashi infrastructure: Women who can't get to the maternity hospital on a donkey give birth to their children on the way

24.08.2021 13:08:57

It is known that by the decrees of the President in 2018, the programs "Obod Qishloq" and "Obod Mahalla" were adopted. Within the framework of these programs, conditions have improved in 1,200 mahallas and villages inhabited by about 5 million people. But work on the issue was suspended last year due to a coronavirus pandemic. Today, there are 188 mahallas in 796 villages and towns with difficult conditions in the country. The electricity supply to more than 4,000 neighborhoods is unsatisfactory. Only when the infrastructure goes to the villages, the quality of life will change, entrepreneurship will develop. Therefore, this year the programs "Obod Qishloq" and "Obod Mahalla" were formed on the basis of new approaches.

Deputy of the Kamashi District Council of People's Deputies

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