Women's training on election legislation has been launched

31.08.2021 11:08:37

Odina Hakimova, Chairperson of the Uchkuprik District Council of the Social Democratic Party of Uzbekistan “Adolat”, held an event with the participation of women in the promotion of electoral legislation. Clarifications were given on the preparation for the presidential election, ensuring the active participation of women in the elections, the organizational and legal framework of the electoral process.
The event was attended by the head of the Department of Internal Affairs of Uchkuprik district, Deputy Minister for Women's Affairs Yakutkhon Muhammedova, who spoke on the electoral legislation.
- The participation of women in political processes is very important, - said the chairman of the district council O. Hakimova. - It is especially important to be active in elections. Sometimes they are indifferent to their rights, their constitutional duty, without overdoing it. Their voices matter. They must express their relationship as a member of society.
The event was also held in "Yangibog" and "Hasankora" farms.

Uzbekistan SDP "Adolat" Fergana region
Council Press Service

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