"Young Justice" from Andijan will take an active part in the elections

25.09.2021 10:09:22

Yuldashali Egamov, the trustee of the presidential candidate from the Social Democratic Party "Adolat" Bahrom Abduhalimov in Andijan region, met with students of the Andijan Institute of Agriculture and Agrotechnology. Initially, there was talk about the electoral legislation and the activities of political parties. Attention was paid to the goals and ideas of the party "Adolat", the work being done on youth policy.
The trustee briefed the participants on the candidate's election program. It was noted that the Social Democratic Party "Adolat", which has a reputation in the political arena of the country with its popular ideas, considers the main goal of our citizens, especially young people, to increase patriotism, legal culture, building a just society.
Ensuring the rights and interests of citizens, especially women and children, accelerating reforms to ensure the priority of justice in society, improving the living conditions of citizens, special protection of vulnerable groups, strengthening the material and technical base of social institutions are among the important activities of the party. Therefore, the fact that the candidate puts forward a number of tasks in his program has aroused the interest of young voters.
At the end of the event, participants were invited to take an active part in the October 24 presidential election.

The press service of the Andijan regional council of the Social Democratic Party "Adolat"

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